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Better with Boxes?


I'm testing out windowed boxes for bar soaps in my consignment space at the Katydidz Craft and Artisan Market in Midlothian, Virginia. I'm hoping that these will look better on the shelf (shrink wrap does not look flattering under certain lights), that they will protect the soap better from accidental drops, and that they will be more appealing in general. Boxes are more expensive but much easier for me to do than other types of packaging.

I'm not sure about using boxes for all of my soaps yet, but so far, the response from the shop has been positive. I will probably also do boxes for the April 4th craft show I'm participating in at The Traveling Bazaar in Abingdon, Virginia. If that goes well, I may switch to boxes all the time. I have been considering using white boxes for "Artisan" soaps and brown kraft boxes with a simpler font for "Rustic" soaps.

What do you think?

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