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Moving to My New Soap Space


A year ago, I had no idea that we would ever leave Spotsylvania. I was content with our old house. We lived 15 minutes from my parents in a comfortable house on six private acres. We were very blessed to purchase the property as a foreclosure seven years ago and had enjoyed many happy memories together there. But from the time my husband told me about a job opportunity in Southwest Virginia, I knew my life was about to change.

We'd always dreamed of living in the mountains. My husband had applied for several jobs in Bath County, Virginia, but nothing had ever worked out. Imagine my surprise, when not only did my husband get the job in Southwest Virginia, but it happened so quickly that we were completely moved into a new house in the first week of April.

One of the biggest attractants for the new house was the huge outbuilding that was once a woodworking shop. The main space has a garage door and a dust collection system and to the left side, there is an addition that was added on to an exterior wall. I claimed the side addition for my soapmaking space while my husband took over the main part of the workshop for his hobbies.


It took some modifications to make the space ready for me to use though. Most importantly, I needed a sink with hot water for washing dishes. I also insisted that a sealed exterior door be put up between my shop space and my husband's shop space. I did not want any chance of dust or fumes coming from his shop. After this was installed, I monitored my shop for several weeks before determining that it was clean enough to meet my standards for good manufacturing practices.


While all the shop modifications were happening, I continued making soap in the kitchen as I'd done at the old house. It was pretty inconvenient. I had most of my tools at the bottom of a hutch. Oils, fragrances, and additives were in plastic tubs in the back of a dimly lit closet. In order to make soap, the kitchen had to be completely clean and free of any food or dirty dishes. When I finished making soap, I had to carry the loaf to the loft where I cut, cured, packaged and stored the soap.

A few weeks after the door was installed at the soap shop, I pulled out all of my materials and supplies and moved them to the shop.


I spent the afternoon scrubbing the walls with a wet sponge and cleaning every surface multiple times, especially the floors. I enjoyed organizing all of my materials and figuring out where everything would go. I'm sure I'll do more rearranging and tweaking until I figure out a smooth workflow in the new space. I'm not sure I'll ever need this much space, but it's nice to know that it's there if I ever do need it!


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  • So happy for you but sure do miss you guys! What an awesome space!


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